An unplanned and unintended pregnancy: it can happen

The contraceptive didn’t work, the condom broke… or nobody ever gave you right and complete information about how your body works and how it’s possible to avoid pregnancy. Anyway, only you have the right to decide if you have the affective, psychological and economic resources to become mother. If you don’t know what to do, you can find help and support in public or laic private family counselings, or in spaces autonomously run by women. 

how much time you have to decide

According to the Italian law, the voluntary pregnancy interruption is possible within the first 90 days of pregnancy, calculated from the date of the last menstruation. It’s important to know this: usually, when a woman finds out to be pregnant, five or six weeks are already gone. It’s also important to consider that the Italian law imposes a seven-day period from the date of the medical certificate to the date when it’s possible to go to

The voluntary-induced abortion is possible under Italian law 194/78 within the first 90 days, period calculated from the date of the last menses. Knowing this is very important: usually, when one realizes to be pregnant, 5 or 6 weeks form the last menses are already gone. It is also important to consider that the Italian law imposes a 7-day period from the date of the medical certificate to the date when it is possible to show up at the hospital for the surgery, so there are only 5-6 weeks in when one can think about what to do.

Beyond the 12th week one can go for the induced abortion only if the pregnancy or the delivery of the baby represent a danger for the life of the woman or when there are some pathological processes, comprehensive of anomalies or deformity of the fetus, able to put either the physical or the psychological health of the woman in danger.

From 2010 it is possible to abort even through a pharmacological method (RU486 pill). You must know that you can only get the pill until the 7th week of pregnancy (49 days from the last menses).

Who you can call

To obtain a medical certificate for the abortion you can go to public counseling facilities free of charge, to a hospital, or to a physician of your choice. Bring a document with you, your health card, and, if the physician is not a gynecologist, the pregnancy test made in a pharmacy or in a medical laboratory.

It’s always a good idea to ask the physician whether he/she is a conscientious objector (*), otherwise you may lose time.

If you want, your partner can come with you; yet, you don’t have to and mustn’t if you don’t want to.

The physician has to verify the reasons why you are for an abortion respecting your dignity, freedom and privacy, and to give you all the information about social and economic support in case you decide not to abort.

If you are underage

Under the Italian law, you are allowed to abort even if you are underage, after having got the authorization from both your parents. If there are reasons why you think it’s not a good idea to involve them, or they don’t agree, the physician will forward a report with his/her opinion to the competent judicial officer within seven days from your request. The judicial officer will schedule an interview with you within 5 days and, considering your will, your reasons, and the report of the physician can authorize you to abort through an act not subject to appeal.

If you are not Italian

The law allows you to abort even if you don’t have a regular residence permit, nobody can call the police or keep you there.

You have free access to public counseling facilities and to hospitals to obtain the medial certificate and ask for the surgery even if you don’t own a health card.

The bureaucratic process

The physician issues a certificate, signed also by the woman, with the invitation to put the decision off for 7 days. After this period you can go to a public hospital or one with an agreement with the Italian health system to ask for the abortion. For urgent cases, the physician can issue a certificate enabling you to go to a hospital without waiting for this 7-day lap. It is very important that the certificate is correctly written to avoid being rejected by the hospital.

Hospitals in Milan and hinterland to terminate an unwanted pregnancy

In the hospital, you will have to do the routine exams and they will tell you the date for the surgery that is usually done in one day and with local anesthesia.

If you go for the pharmacological abortion, you will be hospitalized for three days, but nobody can make you stay and you can sign and go home. In this case you will be given the first pill and you will have to go back to the hospital for the second pill the following day, and after two weeks for a check-up.

The names of the women that go for the abortion can’t be given to the public. Even the certificates issued by the physicians and the hospitals that are automatically forwarded to the local sanitary authority according to Italian law must keep secret the name of the women.